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document management system

Document management

Document management system that transforms your physical documents into a searchable online archive, enabling businesses to keep less paper.

Scan, index and archive all your physical documents.

AtlasDM has advanced features such as OCR technology, document encryption, email integration, document approval workflows, and an intuitive in-browser document editor

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Digital Signature Service

In a world driven by digital transformation, securing and authenticating electronic documents has become paramount.

Navetika’s digital signature service offers a robust solution to address these needs, bringing efficiency, security, and convenience to document management.

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OCR is optical character recognition system that allows the software to read specific areas or “zones” of a document. These zones are determined by setting up proper OCR templates in the OCR dashboard. The zones designer
is embedded in the web interface and does not require the installation of any third party software.

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Vehicle Registry System

Vehicle Registry (VR) software serves as a comprehensive solution for managing vehicle inspections. It brings together various inspection centers, allowing for seamless data exchange and process coordination. The primary goal is to ensure vehicles are inspected accurately and efficiently, reducing the chances of road accidents and environmental harm.

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